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*BETA: This is an early version of our product and is not fully featured. This is a glimpse of our product but will change with enhancements and pricing.
**As new features and intelligence are added to the Auction Due Diligence product, monthly pricing plans may change.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

BETA is an early version of our full platform that updates content every hour but does not include all enhancements to our website and final product. BETA provides the needed data and source links for experienced investors to complete their due diligence and make smarter and safer bids at auction. Our team is currently adding additional features and intelligence to our product. Subscribing as a BETA user allows users to give us early feedback in the upcoming enhancements they will like us to implement first to the Auction Due Diligence platform.

We are working diligently to add additional fields of data, documents, aids, videos, easy to understand flowcharts, and most importantly the intelligence behind the data. Some of these upcoming features include:

  • Dashboard to save and note all saved properties of interest
  • Automatic email notifications for Status change with your properties of interest
  • One-page summary report option
  • Additional documents and records
  • Additional fields and filters
  • Adding learning tools and aids
  • Smart platform icons that state if there were No Issues Found, Potential Issues Found, Major Issues Found, High-risk to Cancel, and important details to Note
  • Mortgage Positions dating back to the very first mortgage on the property, including an easy to read to Summary Table and flow chart linking each Mortgage to its corresponding Assignment or Satisfaction (if found)
  • If any additional liens found that were not listed on the foreclosure
  • And so much more…

Also any requests, feedback or enhancements that our BETA users send us will be considered in the next features added to the Auction Due Diligence platform. You may send your feedback to, or by submitting a form on the Contact Us tab of the menu.

Yes. Once new features are added, you will see them in your subscription within 1 hour (aside from any possible intermittent website or source anomalies).

We understand the need to quickly identify any potential issues with a property using our smart platform icons. We are working diligently to provide you with these features by June 2019. If you would like to get personal support, feel free to give us a call at 1-305-722-5535 or email us at Thank you for your patience.

At this time, we do not automatically charge you a monthly subscription. You will be sent 2 reminder emails to renew your subscription before the expiration date of your current subscription. If not renewed, you will be automatically downgraded to the free Registered User plan.

We do not offer prorated refunds or full refunds during your paid monthly subscription.